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Digital Downloads


We invite you to announce to your friends and family, and the world, that you are #BuckeyeBound! Download various digital graphics for your use in your social media channels. You will find cover images, background images, Zoom backgrounds, phone backgrounds and profile frames… they are ready for a quick download!

To download, right-click on the desired image below and select "save as" or:

  1. Click on the image to open a preview in a new window.
  2. Right-click on the image and select "Save as".

We look forward to seeing you virtually and in-person!



Phone backgrounds

#BuckeyeBound Phone Background

    Future Ohio State Buckeye Phone Background    I Chose CFAES    Script Ohio Phone Background


Facebook cover images

#BuckeyeBound Facebook cover image    I Chose CFAES Facebook cover photo

Future Ohio State Buckeye Facebook cover photo    Script Ohio Facebook cover photo


Desktop backgrounds

#BuckeyeBound desktop background    Future Buckeye desktop background

I Chose CFAES desktop background    Script Ohio desktop background


Zoom backgrounds

Zoom Background Waterman cows    Zoom background OHIO silhouette

Zoom background Waterman     Zoom background Brutus

Zoom background Script Ohio    Zoom background Oval


Facebook profile frames

#BuckeyeBound Facebook profile frame    Future Buckeye Facebook profile frame    I Chose CFAES Facebook profile frame    Script Ohio Facebook profile frame